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COVID-19 Response

As we all work to maintain a healthy community, we have adjusted our in-person consults to help you feel confident in your safety. 

What are we doing differently? 

  • if I get sick - fever 

  • washing all surfaces between consults

What to do prior to your appointment:

  • are you sick? 

    • feel free to reschedule as telehealth appointment

  • request new consult paperwork

What to expect when you arrive at our office: 

  • Temperature Checks:  Prior to the start of your in-person appointment, you will have your temperature taken with an infrared thermometer. If your temperature is more than 100.4F,

  • wash hands x 20 seconds

  • wear mask if age 12 and over -WHO reference. 

What to expect during your appointment: 

  •  Hand sanitzer will be made available throughout the consult

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Coronavirus pandemic prevention wash han
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