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  • New Consult

    • A 90-minute to two-hour consult to review your main concerns and conduct a review of systems. We will discuss lifestyle factors, including diet, sleep, exercise, and mental/emotional stressors. Medications, supplements and previous labs and/or imaging should be brought to this appointment. Learn more!

  • Office Visits

    • An office visit for established clients. The time needed for this type of appointment may be determine by Lisa Gallagher, N.D. or by the client, depending on the concerns they would like to have addressed.  Learn more!

  • Lab Reviews

    • A follow-up appointment to review recent lab/test/imaging results. The time needed for this type of appointment will be based on the number and types of labs/test/imaging results that need to be reviewed. Learn more!

  • More services to come!

    • Follow us on Facebook to learn when we begin to offer Flower Essences Appointments and Group Classes!

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